K2-Laptop Stand
Portable, Foldable & Height Adjustable

Includes High Quality Nylon Carrying Sleeve
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Why K2 Is Your Best Choice For A Laptop Stand?
K2 features 8 height adjustment options
K2 is stable and sturdy
Steady As A Rock

With a delicate balance of structural design and engineering, and the assistance of Skid-free Bases & 3M Anti-skid Pads, the K2 shows outstanding stability.
The K2 stands on any flat surface or can even be used on various uneven surfaces: sofa, bed or even grassplot, as long as the 4 legs of K2 are firmly on the surface.
K2 keeps laptop cool with 360 degrees of air circulation
360 Degrees of Natural Air Flow Cooling

With minimal contact on your Laptop, the K2 ensures sufficient airflow and heat reduction.
No more extraheat stays on the back of your laptop.
Supports All Mainstream Laptops 11.6-Inch or Larger
Self-adaptive pivoting arc grip design gives the K2 unparalleled universal compatibility.
The K2 fits all laptops with a front edge less than 2.0cm and keyboard width greater than 27.5cm. That's almost all of them.
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